"€œ...someone who specialized in Hypnobirthing (which Shani does!), someone who lived in the valley so she could get to me quickly when labor started (Shani is in Sherman Oaks), and I wanted to have my placenta encapsulated (which Shani did!!). She is a doula extraordinaire!..."€

- E. Berdon

" The love of family drives me to assist you on your journey. Helping you understand your baby and each other's new roles while guiding you to simplify the seemingly overwhelming tasks is what I'm here for. This is your family and I'm here for you!..."

-Shani (Doulala)

"€œ...I was clueless and completely overwhelmed; Shani was calm, comforting, and knowledgeable..."€

- C. Fisher

"€œ...he was born with a heart defect and needed attentive care... Shani was engaging, gentle, and sweet..."€

- J. Williams

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